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Accounting OfficeWarszawa Targówek

Accounting Office
Warszawa Targówek

Accounting services for Company in Warsaw Targówek.

For many years, we have been providing accounting services for Company. As part of managing accounting books, we perform tasks such as:

  • Developing account plans and accounting policies
  • Document accounting and posting
  • Preparing VAT purchase and sales registers
  • Calculating income tax advances
  • Preparing and electronically sending JPK, VAT UE, PIT, CIT, NIP, PCC
  • Ongoing reconciliation control
  • Maintaining records of equipment, fixed assets, intangible assets, and legal values
  • Preparing financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account, additional information and explanations, statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement)
  • Accounting for intra-community supply, intra-community acquisition of goods and services
  • Accounting for imports and exports of goods and services
  • Payroll and social security services (ongoing employee services)
  • Reporting to the Statistical Office GUS as well as banks and other institutions

Types of Companies for which we provide accounting services:

  1. Limited liability Companies
  2. General partnerships
  3. Limited partnerships
  4. Professional partnerships
  5. Civil partnerships

Accounting services for Company also include substantive support in terms of settlements.

The headquarters of Akwadrat accounting office is located in Warsaw’s Targówek district. The office’s location at Barkocińska Street 6, Lok. 23 in Warsaw ensures excellent accessibility from Bródno, Praga, and other districts of Warsaw.

Frequently asked questions about the accounting office

The cost of an accountant depends on the type, form of settlement, number of invoices, and many other factors. Every client who approaches Akwadrat will receive an individual quote.

Consider how many invoices you plan to issue to clients each month. We will provide an individual quote.

It’s a good idea to preliminarily calculate how many invoices we may have each month and choose the appropriate form of settlement accordingly.

Every invoice entered into the Revenue and Expense Ledger (KPiR) and accounting books must be archived in case of an inspection from the Tax Office. They should be stored for 5 years, as should issued invoices and tax payment confirmations (social security contributions, PIT, and possibly VAT). Additionally, information about where the original invoices are stored must be added to the CEIDG (Central Registration and Information on Business).

During the initial meeting, we determine how many documents will be recorded. If there are more than we initially assumed, we will proceed to settle accounts according to the current price list.

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