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New solution for clients who are not VAT taxpayers.

Are you running a business, whether as a sole proprietorship or a company, and not a VAT taxpayer, yet your accounting office charges you VAT, which is just an additional cost for you? We have great news for you.

With clients like you in mind, we have established a new company, Akwadrat Bis, which, by issuing an invoice for the accounting services of your company, will not charge you the amount of VAT.

The price lists of most accounting offices are shown in net values. For clients who are VAT taxpayers, this fact is irrelevant. They receive an invoice increased by VAT from the service provider, pay it, but reduce their own VAT obligation to the tax office by its amount. Thus, for them, this tax is neutral – they have to pay it to their supplier, but indirectly or directly, they will receive its return from the tax office.

The situation for non-VAT taxpayers is completely different. They will receive an invoice increased by the amount of VAT, will have to pay it, but in no way can they deduct it. In other words, they incur an additional cost.

So, if you are an entrepreneur facing this problem, we invite you to join us – here you will not incur an additional cost in the form of VAT.

Akwadrat BIS

Akwadrat Bis Sp. z o.o. KRS: 0001077881 REGON: 527282708 NIP 5361976328

03-543 Warszawa ul.Barkocińska 6/lok. 23

Frequently Asked Questions

Akwadrat Bis is a new company that offers accounting services for companies that are not VAT taxpayers. Our main goal is to issue an invoice for accounting services without charging the client the amount of VAT, which is particularly beneficial for companies not paying this tax.

As an entrepreneur not paying VAT, when you receive an invoice from a regular accounting office, you have to pay an additional cost in the form of VAT, which you cannot recover. Akwadrat Bis solves this problem by not adding VAT to invoices for our accounting services, thereby saving you money.

Yes, our services are designed for all types of business activities, both for sole proprietorships (JDG) and various forms of companies that are not VAT taxpayers.

For VAT payers, this tax is a neutral cost – although they pay it to their service provider, they can deduct it from their own VAT obligation. However, for non-VAT payers, the amount of VAT added to the invoice constitutes an additional, irrecoverable cost.

Yes, we offer a full range of accounting services, similar to other accounting offices. The difference is that we do not charge our clients, who are not VAT payers, an additional cost in the form of VAT.

If you are interested in our services, we invite you to contact us through our website, email or phone. We are happy to answer any questions and help you choose the right accounting services for your company.

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