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Accounting Office
Warszawa Targówek

Accounting Office Warsaw - Price List

The following price list is for estimating the cost of accounting services. Final rates are determined individually with clients.

Price List of Accounting Services

Tax Revenue and Expense Ledger:

  • VAT-exempt taxpayer – from 300 PLN
  • VAT payer – from 350 PLN
  • Commercial Ledgers – from 800 PLN

Flat-rate on registered revenue:

  • VAT-exempt taxpayer – from 250 PLN
  • VAT payer – from 300 PLN
  • Payroll and HR service: 70 PLN per employee.

The prices listed are net amounts. If you would like to get an initial quote for our services, please send an email with basic information about your company including:

  • Type and scope of business activity
  • Monthly volume of documents
  • Number of employees, etc.

to the following email address: [email protected]

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